Where to From Here?

The Myth - I need to get fit before CrossFit

The unfortunate thing about CrossFit is that almost every video on the web contains guys and girls with six packs, can lift anything, and do anything without even breaking a sweat!

The Truth - Everyone must start somewhere, even the super fit

So yes, CrossFit Blacktown is definately ok for beginners. In fact the majority of our members are blue collar workers that drop on in for a workout. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the only way to get into CrossFit is to do CrossFit. 


About CrossFit Blacktown

I do have people in my gym that are super fit, but its the one's that scale their workouts that gets everyones respect. I have quite a few men and women that can't do pullups, can't do pushups and hate to run. Their way around this problem is to scale their workouts, which then allows them to get a serious workout, without the embarresment of doing something wrong or being unable to do something.
I have found that the people that are really timid and shy are the ones that excel in my classes. I pride myself on the fact that our gym is all about form and technique, and learning how to use your body as a unit. Our groups are only small and i have a great group of members that really enjoy the classes, and each others company.
My advice to you would be to come down to a session next week and check it out, no obligations. Just observe the class and see how we do things. It will also allow me to have a chat to you in person and see if you are suitable for a weekly class or if i need to take you to the side and teach one on one. Either way you are more than welcome to come down anytime and have a look.

Are you looking for a place where you can improve your health and fitness, a place where you are challenged while having fun at the same time. CrossFit Blacktown provides this style of place and educates clients so that they can get the most out of their health and fitness by providing them with an environment where:

  • All skill levels are welcome and encouraged
  • The fundamental skills are broken down and taught to each person
  • Everyone is treated equally with options for all levels
  • It is more like a community where all who come assist and take part in one another’s journey
  • Everyone encourages each other to give just that little bit more
  • Each person is an individual with their own goals and desires
  • Whatever your goal is it can and will be achieved

CrossFit Class - Morning and afternoon classes conducted at specific times focusing on working through the Workout of the Day, lead by a qualified CrossFit Trainer. 

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